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Dr. Benjamin Carson speaks about our country (2/7/2013)...

In November 2016 America voted for a better CHANGE!  Our past Presidents and current congress are leading us into debt at a pace never before seen.   Our national debt grew faster under President Obama than during the terms of the past 43 Presidents COMBINED.  Liberties and Freedoms previously protected by our Constitution, are rapidly disappearing. People are losing their homes, and unemployment is at a level not seen in the past 25 years. 
   NOW is the time for Christians to pray (more than ever) that God would grant our elected (and appointed) leaders GODLY WISDOM, the knowledge to DO WHAT IS RIGHT (not just self-serving), and the humility to submit to a holy, righteous Creator and Judge, who is the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.  
   Below are some links that we hope will encourage and challenge you in these times we are living in.  Learn and KNOW the Truth, Take Heart, Be Vigilant, Pray! 
Counter LIES with the TRUTH!

Test your Knowledge - What would Reagan DO?

The Heritage Foundation

Human Events - Conservative News

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