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Over the years, several people have asked questions about a person's right
 to defend themselves using 'deadly force'. I have found several resources 
that I am placing here for your consideration. It is our hope that these links
 will help to clarify the issue(s).     Read Psalm 144:1

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 STOP!         Do not read anything else on this site. 

The author has made all reasonable, good-faith efforts to assure that the links & articles herein are accurate and contain good advice, but the reader is advised
that the author is a normal human being who makes the normal number of human mistakes. 
Deal with it!  
If it sounds stupid to you, don't do it.  The author accepts absolutely no responsibility whatsoever for anything you might say or do as a result of reading any material on this site.  
Live your own life, but DO SO responsibly, and with integrity.

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