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How do I protect myself and my children from 'Bad Stuff' 
on the internet or on DVDs?

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Many of our Customers have inquired about Internet Protection Services. As a result, we've evaluated what's available, and only one company stood out as worthy of our recommendation. We're pleased to announce we've partnered with Bsafe Online to provide you the very best Protection Services available today. While these services are available for the Windows platform ONLY (at this time), we've found their service to be reliable, very fast, and compatible with your existing Internet service. Sign-up is secure, and the price is quite reasonable starting at less than $50 per year! Their Internet Protection Service is easy to install, and their filter database is updated automatically every night (no maintenance or configuration required on your part).

eBlaster Computer Monitoring Software- Remotely know EVERYTHING your kids or your employees do on the internet. You can have logs sent to you regularly containing transcipts of chats, e-mails, and keywords.

Spector Pro Computer Monitoring Software- Automatically Records EVERYTHING your kids or your employees do on the internet. For BOTH Mac OS X and Windows

If you are one of an ever-growing number of people concerned about family Internet safety, please take a moment to click on one of the links below and find out more.


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